RP AROMA – The Flavour Workshop

Aroma Oil Concentrates

Our flavour oil concentrates offer a wide range of applications, not only in food.

Customised developments are our top priority here.

Whether for room scenting, chemical-technical products, cosmetics or “only” as a scent composition for event markets, the areas of application for aroma oils are almost endless. We can respond to your wishes with our in-house development in these areas.

Aroma oil concentrates for a variety of applications.

Our Product List

4242 Apple-Cinnamon

4245 Baked apple

5028 Energy

5029 Harmony

4998 Patchouli

5065 Relax

4302 Red Berry Compote

4289 Chocolate

5057 Vanilla Cherry

4277 Christmas Fairy Tale

What makes our aromatic oil concentrates so special?

Our Standards

Our aroma oil concentrates, outside of aroma development, are subject to the strictest control of all valid regulations in this area (e.g. cosmetics regulation).

Our Conviction

We are convinced of the quality of our products because our raw materials only come from carefully selected suppliers. In that way, the best raw materials become the best aroma oil concentrates.

Our Motivation

Together with you, we develop aromatic oil concentrates for all application areas. Tailor-made.

Our Philosophy

Our work is based on quality, service, friendliness and innovation to satisfy our customers.

RP AROMA – The Flavour Workshop

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