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Essential Oils

Natural essential oils are beneficial for the body and soul.

The areas of application are diverse. Please contact us.

Essential oils are the “soul” of the plant, which is how they should be used and treated. Our oils come exclusively from reliable sources and offer the highest possible purity. Take a look at our product list and ask for our prices. Please do not hesitate to ask for more oils.

High quality essential oils are unique

Our Product List

4215 Amyris Oil

4216 Aniseed Oil (Star Anise)

4217 Basil Oil

4201 Bergamot Oil, Reggio

4228 Blood Orange Oil

4218 Cajeput Oil

1402 Cassia Oil

4219 Cedarwood Oil

4220 Citronella Oil

4221 Citrus Oil

4227 Eucalyptus Citriodora Oil

4204 Eucalyptus Oil (Chinese)

4230 Fennel Oil

4202 Spruce Needle Oil

4222 Grapefruit Oil (White Fruit)

4548 Ginger Oil

4233 Pine Needle Oil

4207 Mountain Pine Oil

4223 Lavandin Oil Grosso

5899 Lavender Oil

4224 Lemongrass Oil

4203 Lime Oil

4234 Litsea Cubeba Oil

4211 Mandarin Oil (red) Italian

4212 Melissa Oil

4214 Mint Oil/Peppermint Oil (Indian)

5338 Nutmeg Oil

4549 Clove leaf Oil

4225 Orange Oil (sweet)

4205 Patchouli Oil

4236 PetitGrain Oil

4210 Rosemary Oil

4226 Sage Oil

4206 Tea tree Oil (tea tree)

4237 Thyme Oil

8260 Juniper Berry Oil

4213 YlangYlang Oil III

4989 Swiss Pine Oil

What makes our essential oils so special?

Our Standards

We specifically select the suppliers of our essential oils to deliver the highest level of quality.

Our Conviction

We use only the best raw materials to develop the best products. Of course, this also applies to our essential oils.

Our Motivation

We only offer essential oils that we also use for our own production.

Our Philosophy

Our work is based on quality, service, friendliness and innovation to satisfy our customers.

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