RP AROMA – The Flavour Workshop

About us

Company history

In 2015, we, Imme Mölle and Rolf Pottschmidt founded our company RP Aroma Die Geschmackswerkstatt UG.

The name RP Aroma refers to Rolf Pottschmidt (RP), as we have separated the flavour development and production division, which has existed under his leadership for 25 years, from Wero GmbH. This allows us to concentrate fully on this area and offer our customers even better products and support.

Due to growing international business relations and as part of an expansion plan, we joined the Asian company Handyware, in 2022. Handyware is a globally operating company with production facilities in most Asian countries, as well as in South Africa and Nigeria.

The main focus of the group of companies is the production of basic materials for food and the development of the associated food technology.

We, RP Aroma GmbH, are the first location in the EU and will continue to expand our European presence.

To secure the future of RP Aroma GmbH, the management was transferred to Stephan Griesel on November 1, 2023. Stephan Griesel has been a part of this company almost since its inception.

Furthermore, since November 2023, we are certified according to ISO 9001 and hold a Halal certificate.

Certified to ISO 9001
Halal certificate RPAroma

The Team of RP Aroma

Our team at RP Aroma can proudly be described as “small but mighty”. Everyone always has the best possible product for the customer in mind and lends a hand wherever she or he can.

As the head of RP Aroma, Stephan Griesel takes care of all matters concerning the company, including quality assurance. As the creative mind, he continues to create new flavor and fragrance experiences in our flavor development. He is supported by Imme Mölle, who continues to handle production planning, procurement, and other administrative tasks.

Since October 2023, Imke Wolf and Miriam Frölich, two chemical laboratory technicians, have enriched our team in quality assurance and production. Our team is completed by our production manager Mustafa Dabo, who helps us manage the increasing production volume.

Stephan Griesel


Stephan Griesel manages the business operations of the company with chemical expertise and precision. Furthermore, he oversees quality assurance and serves as our Chief Flavor Designer.

Imme Mölle

Management Assistant

Imme Mölle continues to handle customer interactions with Nordic humor and takes care of all administrative and organizational tasks.

Rolf Pottschmidt

Senior Partner

Rolf Pottschmidt is the heart of our company. His nose, his intuition and his knowledge make our products unique.

That's what we stand for!

Small quantity delivery from 100g

Customised product development

Order-oriented production

Short delivery times (usually 5 working days)

Our company policy

1. customer satisfaction

Our customers are our partners. They decide on the success and continued existence of our company. We want to recognize the wishes and future tasks of our customers and act accordingly.

2. growth

Our ideas and our knowledge create new products and secure our future. We want to solve our customers’ problems and meet their requirements and expectations. We see changes in the market as an opportunity for more growth, to put our profits and capabilities at the service of developing and delivering new products that meet the emerging needs of our customers.

3. leadership competence

We aim to continuously adapt and improve quality management to new circumstances. Corporate and process objectives are derived from the quality policy.

4. preservation of market shares

We want to create clear competitive advantages for our customers and also for ourselves and be a reliable partner.

We want to secure the growth of our company by serving markets in which we are already represented with sensible and innovative products; here we strive to maintain. We also want to move into new areas that build on our technologies and competencies and take into account the interests of our customers.

5. profit

Our goal is to generate sufficient profit to finance the further growth of our company and to provide the resources we need to achieve our (company) quality goals and other tasks.

6. continuous improvement

We see it as our task and challenge to question the existing and to develop forward-looking solutions to our tasks through continuous improvement. Our goal is to continuously increase the quality and competitiveness of the products we offer.

7 Employee satisfaction

The qualification, information and motivation of all employees is a fundamental prerequisite for the success of our company.
Therefore, it is a matter of concern to inform the employees and to support them in the necessary knowledge and skills through training.

By setting goals, we commit ourselves to continuous improvement. Each employee is responsible for implementing this policy in his or her area of responsibility. The quality policy is publicly available to everyone (interested parties) and is communicated through the persons and organizations assigned by the company.

Aromas for Food

All aromas are developed and produced in-house. There are no limits here, from sweet to spicy to fruity or fishy.

Essential Oils

Natural essential oils are beneficial for body and soul.

Aroma Oil Concentrates

Our flavour oil concentrates offer a wide range of applications, not only in food.