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Trendy taste for superfoods and food supplements.

No matter whether you are looking for aromas for sports nutrition, new flavours for so-called flavdrops or want to flavour protein shakes. Through many years of experience, we have extensive expertise in this area. We are happy to advise you and manufacture products according to your individual requirements.

Our Product List (Aroma Drop)

This is a selection of our aromas for this area of application. We will be happy to name more on request.

3237 Apple (green)

3170 Apple (red)

3063 Banana-Granata

3432 Banana (Banb) (GN)

3070 Banana (IM)

3807 Butter Biscuit

2383 Butter Biscuit (GN)

3280 Butter Biscuit(W)

3076 CandyCream

2333 Cappuccino (W)

3485 Cinnamon Bun

2399 Cookie Cream II (GN)

3141 Cookie Cream (W)

3066 Darkberry Land

3428 Strawberry (M) (GN)

3236 Strawberry (wild)

3073 Strawberry(IM)

2423 Peanut Butter (W)

3062 FruitBasket

2400 Hazelnut III (GN)

3238 Hazelnut

3238 Hazelnut (W)

2422 Blueberry (W)

3072 Raspberry (IM)

3240 Raspberry (W)

3778 Iced Berry

3805 Caramel

2385 Caramel (GN)

3157 Caramel (W)

3060 Coconut

3242 Lemon (Cake)

2384 Lemon Cake (GN)

3242 Lemon Cake (W)

3064 Lemon Dream

3087 Marzipan(W)

3068 NYC-Chocolate

3085 Toffee (W)

3074 Vanilla (IM)

3065 Vanilla Custard

3086 Vanille-W

2421 Vanille (Top) (W)

RP AROMA – The Flavour Workshop

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