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Shisha tobacco and E-Liquids - flavours according to your individual ideas

In hardly any other industry, tastes and preferences change as quickly as in the Shisha Tobacco and E-liquids sector. We always manage to respond to these changes, shape the market, and influence trends with our innovative products. Our greatest endeavour is to offer you new and innovative products – of course, everything strictly following the guidelines of the Tobacco regulations.

Our Product List

This is a small selection of aromas that have been developed for the steam market. Of course, our portfolio also includes a lot of classic aromas that are suitable for use in e-liquids, such as fruits of all kinds, cakes and pastries, mint, menthol and much more.

Tide`n Ripe*
Fruit mix with Bubblegum note

Evil Haze**
Blackcurrant meets cold Lemonade

Cold Heart**
Pomegranate meets icy Lemon

Freds on air*
Raspberry & other fruits of the forest combined with Aniseed

Iced Pink Currant***
Pink Grapefruit + Blackcurrant + ice + a hint of Loganberry

Chai Tea Frappuccino***
Highly aromatic Chai Tea in creamy crushed ice

Pear wins**
Fancy Pear Slushy

Black Summer Grape**
An Unusual Grape

Refreshing Citrus-ginger-Elderberry drink

Strawberry with Kiwi Fruit and Melon

Green Berlin**
Cucumber, Melon, Lime, Herbs… and all greeeeeeen

Queen Kool
Cooling Aroma without its own taste

Ringel Rangel*
Exotic Fruits combined with Grapefruit

Refreshing mix on various fruits

* also suitable for Shisha
** Shisha variant available
*** Shisha variant available

RP AROMA – The Flavour Workshop

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